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September 22, 2007

Don’t Kvetch – Write!

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Submitted by Vortexman:

I’m sending out an SOS…. Does it seem like everyone in government is working against us here on Pender Island…… like we have no advocate to stand up for us?
Well, that’s what it seems like to me. Ferry fares are skyrocketing because of privatization, and our property tax assessments are going through the roof. The revenue is obviously not coming back to the island in the proportion that we deserve (just look at our roads). The bill for the proposed CRD project to improve the water system in Magic Lake Estates (including a million dollars for unneeded water meters) will go back to the residents, over $500/year. Meanwhile the VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) has cut rural doctorsÂ’ salaries, making it more difficult to attract physicians here, even though Pender has ample caseload, and a new clinic expansion project underway. Did you know that half the time these days there is no doctor on call? So, Pender, what do you think? If anyone feels the same way about our plight, please write a letter to our representatives. Who knows, if they feel the next election will be a close one, they may just listen. Here are some links from which you can also get mailing addresses and phone numbers:
Federal MP: Gary Lunn,
Provincial MLA: Murray Coell,
CRD Director for Gulf Islands: Susan DeGryp
You can also write letters to local papers such as the Times Colonist.


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