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October 8, 2007

A life worth living…

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I am wondering: “When our lives inevitably draw to a close, how would each of us sum up our time of being “Me”. Various measures could be applied, but ultimately, the best scale is the one that we apply to others who have come before us. Lets simplify the “life test” by having a positives and negatives column under which we can all give ourselves star ratings. To get the bad stuff out of the way, here are some not so great behaviours.

judgemental; self-centered; ethnocentric; short-fused; covetous; snobbish; (fill in the blanks)

On the plus side, we may have our survivors comment on how (this) we were:

generous with our time and things; spiritual; eccentric; irreverant; humourous; wicked (in a ha-ha sort of way); kind to animals; open; loyal; colourful; impulsive; provocative and (fill in the blanks).

The message is actually not really that complicated, but in our cluttered lives, the signal is subject to considerable interference. I hope all of us will deserve a positive remembrance.

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