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October 22, 2007

Time for a change on the roads?

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Submitted by Barry Mathias

The Pender Islands have experienced a large population increase over the past few years with a coinciding increase in road traffic. With all means of getting around out there, be it walking or jogging shoes, bicycles, scooters, cars, pick up trucks, large trucks, heavy equipment trailers and commercial vehicles, there is a growing need to rethink the way we use our roads. Factor in the predicted ongoing increase in the price of gas and diesel fuel, most of us will be trying to reduce the use of our vehicles. There will be more walkers, cyclists, and scooters on the road adding to the potential for accidents.

A move in the right direction would be towards some kind of community transportation, but with our current population, buses would probably be uneconomical. We could, however, try out “Car Stops”.

Car Stops are clearly identifiable places throughout an island, where people can wait, if they wish, to get a lift. The stops would have a Car Stop sign, and a legal disclaimer that would indemnify drivers. The result would be a reduction in single occupancy vehicles, an easing of parking problems at shopping centers, the ferry terminal and halls, safer roads and a possible increase in community spirit. We can do this without huge expenditure. We can do it if we have the will.


  1. A traffic problem on Pender? Hmmmm. Anyway, Car Stops/carpooling is a good idea. Anything to reduce greenhouse gases. Would regular car hoppers contribute to the fuel costs of the drivers to make the system more equitable? Pender’s roads are not condusive to fuel efficiency and I know my compact car goes through gas like a sieve on island….. I also hope Paths on Pender continues to push for a more bike-friendly island, although I see that as more of a recreational than a viable transportation alternative due to the older Pender population and the hilly terrain.

    Comment by vortexman — October 22, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

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