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January 31, 2008

Pet peeve…

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I have recently noticed what I hope isn’t a trend. Most dog owners are very considerate when walking their furry friends by using a leash in public spaces and by being prepared for the inevitable deposition of doo by having a plastic bag on hand. No problem, pick it up and take it home and dispose of it probably in your household garbage. But what I have seen recently are dog doo bags dutifully filled and tied, and then left at the side of the road, path, etc. for someone else to pick up and dispose. What’s with that??

If one intended to leave the bagged doo on the ground, it would probably be better to leave the deposit unbagged or au natural to allow weathering to work wonders at returning it back to mother earth. How long does it take to decompose a plastic bag with said contents. One hundred years?

Since I’m on the subject, I have heard that plastic bags of doo are becoming a significant part of waste generated, and are not easily biodegraded. Maybe there are biodegradable doo bags out there that are even grass green so that ones that are ‘inadvertently forgotten’ at the side of the road will at least blend in with the landscape until dissolved. (Check out for info on biodegradable bags)

Pender has hardly any litter and I will pick up and bring home any seen on the ground, and I know a lot of other islanders do too, but I refuse to pick up someone elses bag of doggie doo!

April 8, 2008 Update:  There is now a bag dispenser and receptacle for dog waste on the Buck Lake causeway just in case you forgot a bag or need a convenient place to put it! – J.

January 29, 2008

Over the garden fence…

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Strange to hear of all the snow and wintry weather in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley this morning. Here on Pender we woke to a balmy + 6 C and clear skies. Not a flake of snow to be seen, except in the distance on the higher elevations of Vancouver Island. Not to temp fate, but so far this winter seems to have been relatively sunny and mild on the Pender Islands. My max/min thermometer says the lowest we’ve gone down to so far is -3 C. I’m getting ready to take the blanket off my banana plant down in the garden, as the threat of frost during the next week seems to have diminished. The daffodil bulbs are now poking through and the snowdrops have been in bloom for the past two weeks.

January 24, 2008

Photo of the week…

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Photo: Jocko

A nature made sod roof spotted near Clam Bay. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

January 23, 2008

Earthshaken, and stirred!

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 Promo photo by Michael Desjardins

“Swelling in primordial pulses and wholloping whoops, the tacit tones of Shane Philip’s didgeridoo hold the power to still listeners into silence or encourage audiences to rise up in a tribal swell of intoxicating spirit — with sometimes but a heartbeat in between. Meanwhile his hands will be skillfully juggling between shaking up rhythms with his aslatua, driving the dancefloor with his djembe and sliding out grooves on his Weissenborn-style guitar while his foot taps in earthshaking electronic kicks wherever they might fit. He is a one-man show weaving sounds that inspire audiences anywhere he goes.” – shayne avec i grec, CBC Radio 3.

Where: Pender Islands Community Hall

When: Friday February 8, 2008 (check ticket vendor for time)

Tickets: $10. at Southridge Farm Store and Talisman Books

More info: or email <> for this and other Community Hall events.

January 21, 2008

Maybe it’s not too late?

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Everyday we receive more bad news about the deterioration of the global environment due to increasing carbon emissions – a result mainly of a petro-fueled, ever growing world population. Projections of catastrophic outcomes for the planet and the fate of human life on Earth are sobering, even if only partly true. And yet it is easy to find so many people who are either oblivious to this foreboding prediction, or simply don’t give a damn in their lifetime.

I heard today that the City of North Vancouver is voting on whether to deny any further approvals of drive-thru services that involve lines of idling vehicles polluting the air, when people could just park, turn off their engines and walk inside to get their burger. B.C. Ferries discourages idling in their terminals and prohibits it on board vessels when underway.

Perhaps laws are the only way to curtail carbon emissions. If some individuals are unwilling to change their consumptive behaviors for the common good, then, for the good of the rest of us, regulations may be necessary. It’s too bad, because I think we are regulated so much already. The rising price of oil probably won’t help as there are too many who can afford to continue their wasteful ways at great expense to everyone in the long run.

Maybe if each of us try a little harder, it may not be too late.

Find out how big your ‘ecological footprint’ is by going to:

January 19, 2008

Blown away!

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The “Winds Of The Southern Cross”, a now internationally recognized Australian chamber group, will be performing on Friday February 1, 2008 at 7:30pm in the Pender School Auditorium. Gulf Islands Concerts proudly presents ‘the excellence and vitality of their performances and their innovative and exciting programming. By adding a soprano voice to the wind and piano ensemble they have opened up a remarkable repertoire of song and cantata from the 18th century to the present. They have commissioned dozens of works by Australian composers, one of which will be featured in this concert.’

Admission for non-subscribers is payable at the door. Adults: $25.; Children $5.

Supported by the British Columbia Arts Council via the Trincomali Community Arts Council.

For more information, visit

January 13, 2008


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On the endangered technology watchlist, one of the few remaining telephone booths left over from the last century, is hiding out on Pender Island. And it hasn’t even been vandalized. That’s what a great place Pender Island is!

You are a true islander if you feel odd when someone doesn’t wave or say hello in passing.  Then you start to think, “Are they mad at me for some reason”.  Your imagination starts to run wild, and you  bolt down to the phone booth and go through your telephone tree list hoping to find out what’s what.

January 5, 2008

Be a Scot for a night!

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Robert Burns, 1759-1796

Join the Pender Highlanders for Burns’ Night – a traditional roast beef dinner, haggis and all the trimmings (vegetarian option available) catered by Pender Bakery on Saturday January 19th, 2008 at the Anglican Church Hall on Canal Road. Cocktails at 6pm and dinner at 7. Entertainment includes the Pender Highlanders Pipe Band, Highland Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, a silent auction and live Celtic music. Tickets are $30. each and are available until January 12th at Casual Pender, Pender Bakery, and Talisman Books. Proceeds are in support of the Pender Highlanders.

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