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February 10, 2008

Hint to the mystery photo…

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February 6, 2008

Mystery photo of the month…

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Photo: Jocko

Can you guess what this is a photo of?

Valentines Dance

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Come and swing with your sweeties at the all ages Valentines Dance. Music by DJ “Doc Watson”. Bring your swing Cd’s and requests and munchies to share. Bar and concession will be open. Admission by donation.When: Saturday February 16, 2008, 7:30pm ’til 11pm

Where: Pender Islands Community Hall

Growing and Eating Locally

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The Pender Islands Farmers’ Institute is holding their General Meeting to promote “…the philosophy and practicality of growing and processing food to supply a local market.” Guest speakers will be Shanti McDougall and Brian Crumblehulme.

Shanti lives and farms on Mayne Island. Deacon Vale Farm has been certified organic since 1996 and produces beef, chicken, hay, vegetables, fruit, and has a line of bottled products including chutneys, jams and tomato sauce. Shanti will be speaking on the practicality of growing and processing food to supply a local market.

Brian is the former owner of Fernhill Herb Farm on Mayne Island, a commercial herb growing operation, and for 18 years the owner/chef of Fernhill Lodge. He has owned several garden businesses, has taught food studies and cooking, and has written extensively about food. Currently, he is a director of the Mayne Island Cool Community and organizer of several 100 Mile Banquet Dinners. He will speak about the benefits of growing and supporting local produce.

Everyone Welcome!

When: Wednesday February 27, 2008, 7:00pm

Where: Pender Island Community Hall

February 5, 2008

Pender People and the World

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This event has passed and is now in the past!

Come and learn of the work that our Pender neighbours are doing around the world. Michelle Cook will tell us of the vital work that she and her colleages at the International Institute for Child Rights and Development at the University of Victoria are doing to help children and families cope with natural disasters (tsunami), conflicts, poverty and HIV/AIDS — illustrated with photos of the work they are doing.

Michelle has been working for the past seventeen years to help families and communities to create linkages and build on strengths to deal with disruptive and tragic changes in many parts of the world. She will soon be off to Tamil Nadu in India to work with Dalit children and communities.

When: Tuesday February 12, 2008 at 7:30pm

Where: The Pender Library meeting room

Tea, coffee and cookies will be available. Please leave us a donation at the door to help defray expenses.

Contact Barrie Morrison at 629-3774 for more information.

February 4, 2008

In passing…

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Photo: Jocko

Looking northerly toward Mortimer Spit from the bridge over the canal. South Pender is in the near right and North Pender, the near left and distance.

XELISEN. First Nation peoples lived here from 6000 to 2000 years ago. They call it Xelisen (Helisen) meaning “lying between” for the ithmus that connected North and South Pender Islands. It was an encampment used for harvesting the food resources of nearby waters and beaches. Archeologists have recorded information from sites on both sides of the isthmus. It is a Provincial Heritage Site. (courtesy of the Pender Islands Museum Society, 1993)

Another plaque at the same site states: Pender Island Portage. Near this point passed an ancient trail over which indians [sic] portaged their canoes between Browning and Bedwell harbours. Across this neck of land, Pioneer settlers later dragged their boats on skids for visits between the scattered island families or to shorten the journey to Sidney by sail and row-boat. In 1903, at local request, the federal government constructed the nearby canal dividing Pender Island. (Province of British Columbia, 1972)

See “Interesting Islander Profile No. 1” in the Arts and Entertainment category regarding Gwen and her store at the Driftwood Centre and her reflections on being Native.

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