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August 19, 2008


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A “Reptiles at Risk” presentation is scheduled to take place at the Pender Island Library on Thursday August 28th at 7 pm.

A few important things to know about the program:

-it’s about 1.5 hours long depending on the number of people attending

-species featured will include garter snake, hognose snake, rubber boa, black rat snake, bullsnake, painted turtle, snapping turtle, and corn snake

-all participants have the opportunity to touch or hold various snakes under supervision

-notable items available this year will be the Endangered Reptiles of Canada calender, reptile photography, and the ever-popular ‘your picture with a snake’

-donations accepted

Hope to see you there!

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
Reptiles at Risk on the Road Project Co-ordinator,

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