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September 25, 2008

Car Stop update…

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A report from Moving Around Pender (MAP) Alternative Transportation Society:

CAR STOPS!  Your chance to get a free ride and make new friends

Since their inception the 16 Car Stops have been well used, and MAP (Moving Around Pender) have received a flurry of positive reports from all around the Penders.

We have had requests for further signs to be located on South Pender, Razor Point Road, Port Washington Road, and numerous places in Magic Lake.  These and other sites will be part of Phase 2.  Please continue to supply us with your suggestions and comments.

The following are some of the positive responses we have received:

I am unable to drive, and live on South Pender.  Using the Car Stops for the first time, I waited at the Craddock Stop.  I was given rides to the Clinic, from there to the Driftwood, and finally to the Library, and then back home.  At no time did I wait more than three minutes.  It was great.

I arrived by boat at the Browning Marina, and was delighted to use the Car Stop at the Driftwood to reach the Saturday Market at the Community Hall.  This is such a good idea.

Other island communities are showing interest in our simple scheme.  It saves money, results in fewer cars on our roads and increases community spirit.  We hope YOU will become part of the growing support for this pilot project.  See you at the local Car Stop!

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  1. October 15, 2008 update from MAP:

    Moving Around Pender (MAP) Alternative Transportation Society needs your help!
    The CAR STOPS pilot scheme has been well received, and now MAP needs your help. We have received numerous letters, emails and verbal comments telling us that you like CAR STOPS and suggesting where we should site the next group of stops, but we need more! We had some excellent input from our Forum: Reinventing the Wheel, but we need more!

    CAR STOPS is a pilot scheme, and if we are to take it on to its next stage i.e. double the number of stops, we have to convince the Ministry of Transportation and Highways (MOTH) that the scheme is a success. We need YOU to write emails or letters to us suggesting where you would like to see the next phase of CAR STOPS, and we need comments about the existing 16 stops. Please send your emails to or letters to MAP via the Pender Island Realty Community Box.

    Comment by Jocko — October 16, 2008 @ 12:20 pm

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