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October 9, 2008

Media Watch

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CBC News item:

BC Ferries workers get bonuses, despite service cuts, price hikes

View story here: Employee incentive package

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  1. I am afraid that the Bonus issue is a “non starter”. I am sure that the 500 dollars is less than one percent of their annual wage so Woopie! In any case the program has been in place for years so the bonus is fully budgeted for and well anticipated.

    More to the point is that the Ferry rarely misses a scheduled trip and usually is within one hour of it’s intended time of departure or arrival, not so with the airlines.

    The ferry service is the reason we are able to live on this island. The residents of Moresby Island, which we pass on every trip, have to take a private boat to and from their island.

    I appreciate the interest in the Ferry system, it is vital to our survival, but let’t pick on issues such as what would we do if the govt. privatizes the whole fleet and the new corporation decides that the ferry service to Pender and the other gulf islands isn’t making money so they scrap it!

    I am sorry to be such a Canadian but I love the ferry service and feel like I am taking a cruse every time I travel on it.

    Comment by Rodger Moore — October 9, 2008 @ 7:25 pm

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