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October 9, 2008

Short term vacation rentals probed…

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 The following post was submitted by Rodger Moore on Pender:

I would like to know more about the pros and cons of the STVR issue.  As far as I have heard it is a problem, or potential problem, with unruly guests disturbing the neighbours.  Is that true?  What about the Poet’s Cove Resort rentals, I have heard that they rent homes on the island and then re-rent them to their workers.  This seems ok but, again I have “heard”, they rent them back to the workers on a daily basis.  Is this true?  Is that not a Short Term Rental?  I used to work at Camosun College in Victoria, If I was to do a house swap with my friends in Victoria for a week in July is that a Short Term Rental.  If the concern is noise and partying there are perfectly good noise bylaws for that in place and a police force to call to enforce them.  We live in paradise, let’s share it.


  1. With the downturn in travel bookings it’s even more ridiculous to ban vacation rentals that account for more than half of North Pender’s accommodations. Families who want to rent a cottage will not stay at a Pender B&B or hotel instead – they will choose another location where they can rent the cottage of their choice. The noise issue does not exist per the RCMP, it was exaggerated by the anti-rental group from one or two incidents. Many locals probably make much more noise than a hard-working family on their summer vacation. If there is a type of rental that creates noise (like a group of college kids crowded into a house for a weekend for example), then perhaps that type of weekend rental should be banned, but for heavens sakes, not all cottage rentals. Insanity!

    Comment by Vortexman — October 12, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

  2. Exactly, share it!! Especially since the Federal Government (eg. ALL Canadian taxpayers ) gave the islands over $65,000, 000 for the creation of the Southern Gulf Islands National Parks and JUST TRY and find accommodations on the Penders — it is all but impossible for a family who want to rent a cabin. This is ridiculous!! Noise, is a silly excuse — there is more noise from the over head airplanes than from a few seasonal guests. And, most seasonal guests are VERY respectful of the quiet and the privacy of others, often more respectful than the locals. These bylaws are cookie cutter bylaws, set up by a very few people, along with the ALL CONTROLLING PLANNERS WHO WANT IDENTICAL BYLAWS FOR EVERY ISLAND –PLANNERS WHO DON’T LIVE ON, WORK ON, OR EVEN VACATION ON, THE ISLANDS! WHY DO WE LET THEM CONTROL OUR LIVES?? WHY DO WE LET THEM undermine every effort anyone makes on the islands to cover their expenses, to share, to create jobs for others, etc.??? This is pure fascism!! As usual, it is what we come to expect on the Penders!

    Comment by Marie Brazel — May 4, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

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