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January 25, 2009

Do you love what you feel?

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I was thinking lately, about what makes life on Pender unique.  Could it be the climate, the scenery, the wide variety of people with a common desire to be islanders…?  All of the above and more, with the result being exhilarating at times, sometimes frustrating, but certainly not dull.  As a little experiment, I’m sure I can get a few pulses quickening, hearts glowing or even a chuckle by merely drawing up a list of past issues, observations and institutions.  See if you don’t feel a little more alive after reading this somewhat random list:

Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR’s); Senior’s Village at the Driftwood proposal; clearcut on Hoosen Road; derelict car(s) in your neighbour’s yard; “I was swerving to avoid a deer” excuse; development permits; cutting over the yellow line on corners; the forth power outage in a week; noisy weed wackers; mountain bike park proposal; waving at strangers; potholes; installation of water meters in Magic Lake; beach cleanup day; swimming pool proposal; juicy rumours; bottle drive; time share developments; Kareoke Night at Browning; Community Hall funding; Official Community Plan (OCP) revisions; that ugly truck that burns oil and needs a muffler; Car Stops; eagle tree; the Fall Fair; wood smoke; broom bashing; the Medical Centre; the Pender Library; the Nu-To-Yu; Meals on Wheels; the Legion; the Pender Post; etc.

Now how do you feel?  For me, I feel lucky to be a Pender Islander because of our idiosyncracies, talents, opinions and accomplishments.  As do many others, I will, in my own small way, try to make this unique island even better!

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  1. Thanks, Jocko. I am simultaneously pulsating, glowing and chuckling with Pender Pride while contemplating your list. Caution to others: don’t attempt while eating soup.

    Comment by Vortexman — January 30, 2009 @ 12:52 am

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