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March 20, 2009

Dishwasher debate over?

Filed under: Sustainable Living — Jocko @ 6:32 pm

In her best selling book, Green For Life, author/environmental activist Gillian Deacon tackles the dishwashing dilemma in her second chapter.

“No matter how the dishwashing duties break down at your house, you don’t have to get dishpan hands anymore.  If you’ve been debating whether to invest in an automatic dishwasher, let the earth be your reason to make the change.  Automatic dishwashers use way less water than washing by hand in the sink.  Researchers in Germany pitted the most frugal and judicious handwashing against the modern automatic dishwasher and found that dishpan hands are the least of the problem.  The dishwasher uses half the energy and one-sixth of the water compared with handwashing.  Less soap too.”

Gillian then goes on to discuss what to look for in a dishwasher and how to use it most efficiently.

Green For Life, which contains a wealth of tips, facts, and resources is available at or can be borrowed from the Pender Island Library.

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