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March 27, 2009

Petition to apply the Fisheries Act to fish farms

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An open letter, submitted to PenderBlog by Carol Budnyk:

Dear Minister of Fisheries the honourable Gail Shea and Premier Campbell:

As noted in the Globe and Mail this morning, I have been sending you this letter for a month with no reply. What began with 100 signatures from local fishermen has grown to 7,309 signatures from around the world, but predominately British Columbia (5,785).

Premier Campbell, your government has allowed this industry to expand in the face of the most alarming wild salmon declines we have ever seen on this coast.

Minister Shea, this is not a situation of your making, but you have the opportunity to bring reason to this mess.

I will continue to take signatures to help you move past status quo and bring salmon “farming” into compliance with the laws of Canada. BC Supreme Court ruled they are no longer “farms,” they are a fishery.  There is debate now as to whether Marine Harvest and the other salmon “farming” companies actually own their fish when they put them into Canadian waters.

All we are asking is for the Fisheries Act to be applied to this industry. As wild salmon decline all the other related fisheries have been increasingly restricted…..except the marine feedlot fishery.

This is a threat to our coastal communities and the economy of British Columbia.

Standing by,

Alexandra Morton

To sign the petition to apply the Fisheries Act to fish farms the way it is applied to fishermen please click on the link below.

Fish Farms petition

For The Globe and Mail article, Fisheries ignored 500 names. Can it ignore 5,000?  by Mark Hume, March 23, 2009, click the .pdf below:


An update to the Petition to apply the Fisheries Act to fish farms (first post on Mar 27/09):



  1. Interesting. However, instead of blaming Campbell (this is really getting tiring), does no one seem aware that in international waters the fish are being plundered and if it could be monitored, we would see that most of the wild fishery decline is due to the asian and european fishing fleets with their 50km nets raping the ocean.
    jon lever

    Comment by Jon Lever — March 27, 2009 @ 3:50 pm

  2. It is not so much blaming Campbell as telling the fellow in charge that it is not going to well for us under his leadership. If you don’t speak up, you get run over.

    About the plundering, this is no doubt true, but a person can only do so much. I fell in love with Broughton and so that is what I try and keep alive. This alone has been exhausting over 2 decades. Someone else will have to see to the open sea.

    Thanks for commenting, over 10,000 people have now signed the letter asking that the laws of Canada be applied to the fish “farms.” It is up to Campbell whether he wants to hear.

    Comment by Alexandra Morton — March 27, 2009 @ 11:29 pm

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