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June 30, 2009

Fish on Pender!

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Submitted by Richard Fox:

I just wanted to let everyone know the exciting news that Fish on 5th (in Sidney) is opening up a clone of their restaurant at the site of Pistou Grill, pretty soon I believe.  It will be called Fish on Pender with the same menu and to start some of the same staff, open every day.  I just spoke with the owner of the franchise so it’s not a rumour anymore.

Also, the Medicine Beach market is re-opening July 15th with an in-house bakery, fresh made sandwiches, local produce and convenience store items, but no DVD rentals. And of course Harmony Cafe is open next door for crepes and coffee.  They have an ocean view section, but it needs work.

June 25, 2009

Music On The Ridge

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Submitted by Meg:

There’s a great show happening on Thursday July 9th on your island!

Featuring David Simard from Montreal, Danielle LP  and O’mally from Victoria!  These three will play a mixture of folk, old time and rock on guitars, banjo’s, mandolins and glockenspiels!

How could you miss it!

Live at “Music on the Ridge” 9805 Spalding Rd, South Pender.

Call 250-858-2038 for more info.

See you all there!— Meg Iredale

June 17, 2009

Apply Fisheries Act to fish farms… update

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Good news hot off the presses:

We Really Won!

Marine Harvest has now filed their Appeal from the BC Supreme Court decision of Mr. Justice Hinkson and they conceded the main issues in our case – that Provincial regulation of fish farms is unconstitutional!  

Thank you to all who made this happen, there are not many success stories in this saga.

Please go to “updates” at for more information.

The Province has no mandate to protect wild fish and this is the crux of the mismanagement that both the industry and the rest of us in BC have faced for 20 years. The farms are now sited in the wrong places, ensuring social conflict and degradation of our wild salmon. To fix this the industry will have to down-size at the very least and be removed from the crucial wild salmon migration routes.

Federal Fisheries Minister, the Honourable Gail Shea, will need all the support we can give her to deal with this monumental mess that she inherited. Please do what you can to let people know about our letter in case they want to sign. In response to all of you who have written asking “what can I do” I have posted a new page on our website “Actions Please go there if you can and consider the very important request by my colleague Michelle Young, who grew up in the Broughton Archipelago before fish farms and knows personally what is at stake.  Two gigantic fish farms are attempting re-zoning right on Johnstone Strait, guaranteeing all wild salmon that travel that route will be traveling through fish farm effluent. Given what we know now if these two farms go in we can know wild salmon are no long a priority in BC waters.

Thank you all for your hundreds of messages and best of all your great ideas! – alex 

Recent article from The Tyee entitled ‘Good Luck BC’: Morton’s Cry of Despair

Earlier from Alexandra Morton and Carol Budnyk:

Hello All,

Fisheries Minister the Honourable Gail Shea finally answered us.Please go to “The Letter” to see her response.Here is my response to her:  letter-to-minister.pdfand a follow up to our strategy:  morton-follow-up-letter.pdf

Also go to to see that large environmental groups in BC are calling for immediate closure of salmon farms on the crucial Fraser River migration route.


Juvenile wild pink salmon sucked up from inside Marine Harvest’s Canada’s Pott’s Bay fish farm in Knight Inlet and transported via the “Orca Warrior” and lying on the road in Port McNeill, 5 pm, June 16, 2009  (Photo courtesy of Alexandra Morton)

June 16, 2009

Fundraiser for cystic fibrosis…

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Submitted by Tracy Hodgins:


Hopefully most Penderites now know that Jan Letts – co-owner The Stand, every year raises money for cystic fibrosis (C.F) in memory of a former employee Naomi Wilde.

This will be her 6th year.

Jan and friends will swim in the ocean – from Mortimer Spit to Hamilton Beach/Browning Pub beach. We had around 10 swimmers last year including 4  children aged 10/13yrs.

It is approx 2 nautical miles and YES IT IS FREEZING.  However it is also a fabulously exhilarating experience – average person takes around 40-50 mins – everyone comes in under the hour.  Jan is like a fish and takes only 32 mins!!

We have safety boats – so no reason why anybody can’t join in this worthy cause.

27th June – Poets Cove.  There will be a silent auction – lots of business’s have donated gifts for this event – but it will only be good if people come and take part in the fundraising. So please let as many people know as possible,  Jan and friends will be training in the pool that day too.

Last years total raised was over $12,000 – an amazing achievement – please come and support us.

Thank you


June 12, 2009

Pender Island… the LIVELY island?

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I have lived on Pender for 14 years now, and during those years, have thought to myself occasionally, if I didn’t live here, where else would I live?  There are so many wonderful people who live here, and yet so many things that could make this island a better place to live.

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve life on Pender.  Not just drive by waves, which, by the way, are great, but basic, long term quality-of-life efforts each of us can make.  A dwellers mindset perhaps.  Pender… not just a temporary escape from the increasingly cramped world we live in, but a sustainable part of the real world.

How will we live on this island in future years?  We all have to face the realities of today’s and tommorow’s world.  The air appears less clear every year, the noise around us builds, and the costs mount.

I’m not a leader by nature, but I propose something like “Green Neighbourhood Meetings”, maybe quarterly, to discuss and make public, ideas about how we could navigate our island’s future without political rhetoric or incumberace.  Small town style, local get togethers –  around a glass of wine, tea, or whatever, to take control of what we have and what we want to be.  Let’s get it… together.  – Jocko

June 11, 2009

Canada Day Celebrations

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July 1st, 2009



Pender Island  250 629-3441

Schedule of Events:

10:00 am  Festivities begin at Driftwood Centre with face painting from Valentina.  Free flags, badges and tattoos are handed out

10:30 am  Parade participants gather in front of the Post Office

11:00 am  Parade led by Pender Highlanders makes a short but eventful march to front of the Centre

11:20  Ken Butcher welcomes guests – followed by singing of “OH CANADA” and address from Ken Hancock

12:00  Serving of Canada Day cake commences and entertainment from the Pender Island Caillie Band

12:30 – 3 pm  Games for kids gets under way at Hope Bay Bible Camp (Hoosen Road).  Free watermelon, pop, ice cream and hot dogs for the children (hot dogs courtesy of Pender Island Lions).  Grownups can eat as well, so long as they make a donation!

3:00 pm  Beer garden opens at the Legion

6:00 pm BBQ steak dinner is served at Legion.  Just $10.00 for a steak with all the trimmings and a great opportunity for everyone to gather and celebrate being Canadian.  Bring the whole family but get tickets early as this is one of the most popular events of the summer (Hot dogs and burgers also available for the kids).

See you there!

June 8, 2009

Something Fierce!

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From the Pender Film Group:

Film Night at the Hall: ‘Fierce Light‘ this Saturday, June 13th, 7:30pm

This week we have a real treat, we are hosting a pre-screening of the new film FIERCE LIGHT this Saturday, June 13th at 7:30pm (the film is currently in the theatres and not out on dvd until the fall).  This is a new film from BC native Velcrow Ripper.  Many of you may have attended our screening of Velcrow’s SCARED SACRED, a couple of years ago, it won many awards and brought a good crowd to the hall.
Fueled by the belief that another world is possible, acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper takes us on inspiring journey into what Martin Luther King called Love in Action, and Gandhi called Soul Force; what Ripper is calling Fierce Light. Illustrated by interviews with spiritual luminaries Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Thich Nhat Hanh; and activists including Alice Walker, and Julia Butterfly Hill – FIERCE LIGHT is a spiritual experience in itself, about the impact and the necessity of spiritual action in today’s world.
Fierce Light won best documentary at the Vancouver Film Festival and is getting rave reviews.  See you there!

Media Watch

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Oceans of Challenges

On World Oceans Day, a daunting agenda.

How BC’s enviro groups are working to save sea life.

By Colleen Kimmett
Published: June 8, 2009

Last week 70 international academies of science predicted dire consequences for global food production and “dramatic changes in the makeup of ocean biodiversity” unless carbon dioxide emissions — the cause of ocean acidification — are cut in half within the next four decades.

But acidification is just one of the problems plaguing the world’s oceans. Melting glaciers. Overfishing. Pollution. A fast-growing gyre of plastic debris twice the size of Texas.

And here in British Columbia, we’ve got our own troubles. In honour of World Oceans Day today, June 8, The Tyee asked several environmental groups to highlight the threats to our coastal ecosystems, and what they are doing to address them.

For the full story visit:  The Tyee for “Oceans of Challenges

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