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November 16, 2009

De-staffing of lighthouses put on hold

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From the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

October 30, 2009

On September 30, 2009, Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans issued a statement saying that the controversial plan to de-staff lighthouses was put on hold and that she was asking the Coast Guard to undertake a further review of the additional services provided by lighthouse staff on the two coasts.

We welcome the Minister’s decision as evidence of the pressure that was mounting from the communities residing near the lighthouses and the workers. Two regions of the PSAC, British-Columbia and the Atlantic region, along with PSAC‘s Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, conducted a very effective campaign and it became obvious that Minister Shea’s office was overwhelmed with messages criticizing the plan.

However, we hope this review is more than a mere delaying tactic with an already forgone conclusion i.e. the lighthouse keepers will be reassigned as was planned all along.

We will be vigilant. We want to be informed as to who will be doing the review of additional services, how long it will take, and when it will be made public. We invite the Minister to hold some public consultations in the fishing communities where the services provided by lighthouse keepers are well known and understood.

Putting this controversial plan on hold is a step in the right direction. We will be following this file with great attention hoping that the Minister will see the light and will abandon it definitely.

For more information on how to be involved in this campaign, please visit:

• PSAC BC Region website
• Union of Canadian Transportation Employee’s website

John Gordon,
PSAC National president

Magic Lake Estates Water Treatment & System Upgrades Approved

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From the Capital Regional District (CRD):

On November 14, 2009 qualified electors of the Magic Lake Estates water local service area on Pender Island voted on the following question:

Referendum Question

“Are you in favour of the Capital Regional District Board adopting Bylaw No. 3633, “Magic Lake Estates Water System Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 2009″ to authorize the borrowing of up to $2,560,000 for upgrading water treatment and water systems for the Magic Lake Estates Water Local Service.

YES or NO?”

Official Voting Results

326    43

Purpose of Bylaw 3633

The purpose of Bylaw 3633 is to authorize the borrowing up to $2,560,000 toward upgrading water treatment and water systems for the Magic Lake Estates water local service. The upgrades include replacing the Buck Lake and Magic Lake water treatment plants by a single new plant, in order to meet regulatory requirements, improvements to the water distribution system and improvements to the Buck Lake dam.

Taxation Impact

The total estimated cost of all these upgrades is $8,812,500. An infrastructure grant of $5,250,000 has been received for the treatment plant and distribution system upgrades. The annual costs to operate the new infrastructure and the borrowing of up to $2,560,000 are expected to be accommodated within the current parcel tax charged to property owners.

November 12, 2009

Photo of the week..

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From Jim and Jane Beveridge:


Pender bliss!

November 9, 2009

Tea Leaf or Tarot Readings offered

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 anim-tanya.jpg  Photo by Amy Geddes

Introducing Tanya Lester, B.A. & Reiki Master.

Tanya is a Master Tea Leaf Reader who has done 1000’s of tea leaf and tarot readings as well as over 100 tea leaf reading workshops in places including Royal Roads University in Victoria, Vancouver Island University, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Boulder, Colorado and Glasgow, Scotland.

She read Bill Richardson’s tea leaves on CBC Radio’s Richardson’s Round Up, did a phone-in guest spot as a psychic on CHLY Radio in Nanaimo, and was interviewed this spring for a segment on Shaw Cable 11 TV.

She read from her manuscript “Confessions of a Tea Leaf Reader” at last year’s Victoria Tea Festival, last June did tea leaf readings at the Victoria Art Gallery’s Mad Hatter Tea Party and has spoken at the Nanaimo Metaphysical Network.  Tanya lives on Salt Spring Island.

Tanya will be at Poet’s Cove Moorings Café on Sunday November 15th 2009 from 9 am.  Rates are $25 for 15 min., $40 for half an hour, $65 for one hour and $100 for 90 minutes.  To book an appointment please e-mail: or call Susurrus Spa at 250 629-2113

For more information about Tanya visit:

November 8, 2009

Clarification on desalination…

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From Jim Petrie:
As Chair of the Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee,  I feel I must respond to the misinformation that Peter Kearvall has submitted to PenderBlog regarding the upcoming referendum for improvements to our Water and Sewer System.

As I had transmitted to him via the Pender Post Editor two weeks ago, we had indeed looked at the prospect of desalination while we were formulating our business plan on the system upgrade and if you will check the posted committee and the engineering reports to us, you will see the information we received from the CRD Environmental Dept. on the subject, also that the report is current, May 2007 rather than 10 yrs. old as suggested in his circular.

I am including the email I sent via the Pender Post Editor to him, which I thought would  be satisfactory, obliviously not, as he sounds confused enough to enlarge on this issue within the community.

Reply to Peter Kearvell’s suggestion of desalination:

During the planning phase of the water treatment plant upgrade the Committee looked at various options  for water treatment. One of the options discussed was the feasibility of utilizing a desalination process.

The CRD Environmental Dept. did research for the Committee and  submitted a report back to us which indicated that the equipment costs would be much higher than the cost for  a  conventional  treatment plant, the operating costs would be significantly higher due to the large amounts of electricity used in the process, the system would be more labour intensive in operating and monitoring the system and there was the problem of disposing of the effluent created by the process.

In discussions with the Islands Trust Representatives, the suggestion was that we would find it very difficult or impossible to get the various Govt. approvals to remove water from the ocean and  discharge the residue effluent back into the environment, especially given the fact that we had access to a fresh water supply on Island.

The decision was made by the Committee to discard this option and work on securing the most efficient and cost effective system to replace the current Buck Lake filtration system which does not treat water to present standards during periods of water turbidity in the reservoir.

The CRD report which was presented to the Committee on May 13th. 2008 can be read on their website under Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee and is headed Evaluation of Desalination as a Potential Drinking Water Source.  (see Item 6 below)

Jim Petrie, Chair
Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee

The following is from:

Minutes of the Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee Held Tuesday, 13 May 2008 CRD Offices, Room 333, 625 Fisgard Street, Victoria, BC

Item 6  Evaluation of Desalination as a Potential Drinking Water Source
Colwyn Sunderland presented a written report further to a motion adopted at the committee meeting of April 8, 2008. The report presented a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of desalinating seawater as a primary source of drinking water for Magic Lake Estates.

The report concluded that the proposed approach to supply water from both Buck and Magic Lakes to a single treatment plant would be more cost-effective than seawater desalination for the supply of drinking water to Magic Lake Estates. Regulatory approval and eligibility for infrastructure grants may also be impediments to seawater desalination.

The Magic Lake Estates Water and Sewer Local Services Committee received the report for information and agreed to continue deliberations to proceed to referendum based on the proposed Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) treatment plant.

November 7, 2009

“Deck The Halls” at Hope Bay

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From Sherrie Boyte:

Christmas Wreath Contest – open to young and old.

Create the Island’s most extravagant, unusual, or quirky wreaths to be displayed in the halls at Hope Bay.  All wreaths (by permission of their maker) to be offered for sale by silent auction with all money raised donated to the Pender Food Bank.

Enter your wreath in one of the following categories:

• best traditional wreath •

• best traditional swag •

• best contemporary design in a wreath or swag •

• best wreath of found objects or recycled materials •

• best wreath portraying a specific theme •

• best group collaboration •

• children’s section •

Wreaths will be judged by people’s choice with prizes being awarded to the winners in each category.

Entry dates:  Deliver your wreaths between Nov. 1st and Nov. 21st to Sladen’s or The Red Tree Gallery during opening hours.

Judging and bidding will commence on Nov. 22nd to 4:00 PM Dec. 15th.

Auction results and awards day will be held on Sat. Dec. 19th @ 2:30 PM

For More Information contact Chris at Sladens  250 629-6823 or Nicole at Hope Bay Hair Salon  250 629-6911

To view the poster go here:  DeckTheHalls.pdf


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Post from Peter Kearvell:

In connection with North Pender Island Referendum Magic Lake Estates Water Treatment And Water System Upgrades, November 14, 2009, this proposal is politely submitted for your consideration:

My name is Peter Kearvell and I have been a full-time resident of Magic Lake Estates for over 19 years.  Since my arrival, in 1990, the population Magic Lake Estates has increased significantly.  I will come to the point at once!  In my view, spending more money on the Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System is only sending more good money after bad, even if on this occasion the majority of the money is “only” Government money!

The Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System is both inadequate and unreliable.  “Inadequate”, resulting in the numerous water use restrictions with which we are all familiar.  “Unreliable” because it is dependent upon our Annual Rainfall.

Pender Island is surrounded by water – the Pacific Ocean.  For over sixty years it has been possible to convert saline water to potable water through a process known as Reverse Osmosis.  Modular systems are relatively simple and economical to upgrade, to accommodate population increase.

My proposal:

1.  Engagement of, preferably an organization experienced in the installation and operation of modular desalination systems; alternately, engagement of a qualified expert, to report on the feasibility and cost (including the cost to consumers) of installing and operating such a system for Magic Lake Estates, and the submission of the report, or reports, to Residents.

2.  Meeting, or Meetings of Residents to consider the report, or reports.

3.  A Referendum, whereby Magic Lake Residents can decide whether or not to replace the Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System by a system of desalination, employing modular reverse osmosis techniques.

Privately, I have been informed that such a study was undertaken by the Water & Sewer Committee some ten years ago, and that the Committee rejected the concept because the cost of water purification by desalination was triple that of the current system.  Personally, I have no recollection that such a study was undertaken, or its report circulated to residents.

Sincerely, Peter Kearvell  250 629-3220 or

For the full text of the circular I distributed about this on November 6, 2009 go here:  kearvellcircular.pdf

For information I requested from  Lenntech BV of the Netherlands, a water treatment services provider,, go here: LenntechInfo.pdf

To read my email inquiry and their reply go here:  emailinquiry.pdf

November 6, 2009

Report slams BC Ferries and TransLink governance

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 img_2829_2.jpg Otter Bay Ferry Terminal

From CBC News:
Both BC Ferries and TransLink need to be restructured to solve serious accountability and operational issues, according to a new report by Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland, B.C.’s comptroller general.

Both organizations require a major restructuring at the highest levels to give them more accountability, greater transparency and better oversight, according to the report released Friday morning,

In the report, Wenezenki-Yolland was critical of the retainers paid to the BC Ferries directors, noting compensation they paid themselves was three to five times higher than levels set by the Treasury Board for Crown corporations.

She also found that the role of the BC Ferry Authority and the BC Ferry Commission, which are supposed to oversee BC Ferries, were ineffective in protecting the public interest and needed to be more clearly separated from BC Ferries itself.

Visit  CBC News, BC Ferries story for more.

BC Ferries management rebuts:  BC Ferries Dismisses Criticism

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