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November 7, 2009


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Post from Peter Kearvell:

In connection with North Pender Island Referendum Magic Lake Estates Water Treatment And Water System Upgrades, November 14, 2009, this proposal is politely submitted for your consideration:

My name is Peter Kearvell and I have been a full-time resident of Magic Lake Estates for over 19 years.  Since my arrival, in 1990, the population Magic Lake Estates has increased significantly.  I will come to the point at once!  In my view, spending more money on the Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System is only sending more good money after bad, even if on this occasion the majority of the money is “only” Government money!

The Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System is both inadequate and unreliable.  “Inadequate”, resulting in the numerous water use restrictions with which we are all familiar.  “Unreliable” because it is dependent upon our Annual Rainfall.

Pender Island is surrounded by water – the Pacific Ocean.  For over sixty years it has been possible to convert saline water to potable water through a process known as Reverse Osmosis.  Modular systems are relatively simple and economical to upgrade, to accommodate population increase.

My proposal:

1.  Engagement of, preferably an organization experienced in the installation and operation of modular desalination systems; alternately, engagement of a qualified expert, to report on the feasibility and cost (including the cost to consumers) of installing and operating such a system for Magic Lake Estates, and the submission of the report, or reports, to Residents.

2.  Meeting, or Meetings of Residents to consider the report, or reports.

3.  A Referendum, whereby Magic Lake Residents can decide whether or not to replace the Buck Lake/Magic Lake Water System by a system of desalination, employing modular reverse osmosis techniques.

Privately, I have been informed that such a study was undertaken by the Water & Sewer Committee some ten years ago, and that the Committee rejected the concept because the cost of water purification by desalination was triple that of the current system.  Personally, I have no recollection that such a study was undertaken, or its report circulated to residents.

Sincerely, Peter Kearvell  250 629-3220 or

For the full text of the circular I distributed about this on November 6, 2009 go here:  kearvellcircular.pdf

For information I requested from  Lenntech BV of the Netherlands, a water treatment services provider,, go here: LenntechInfo.pdf

To read my email inquiry and their reply go here:  emailinquiry.pdf

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