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November 16, 2009

Magic Lake Estates Water Treatment & System Upgrades Approved

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From the Capital Regional District (CRD):

On November 14, 2009 qualified electors of the Magic Lake Estates water local service area on Pender Island voted on the following question:

Referendum Question

“Are you in favour of the Capital Regional District Board adopting Bylaw No. 3633, “Magic Lake Estates Water System Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 2009″ to authorize the borrowing of up to $2,560,000 for upgrading water treatment and water systems for the Magic Lake Estates Water Local Service.

YES or NO?”

Official Voting Results

326    43

Purpose of Bylaw 3633

The purpose of Bylaw 3633 is to authorize the borrowing up to $2,560,000 toward upgrading water treatment and water systems for the Magic Lake Estates water local service. The upgrades include replacing the Buck Lake and Magic Lake water treatment plants by a single new plant, in order to meet regulatory requirements, improvements to the water distribution system and improvements to the Buck Lake dam.

Taxation Impact

The total estimated cost of all these upgrades is $8,812,500. An infrastructure grant of $5,250,000 has been received for the treatment plant and distribution system upgrades. The annual costs to operate the new infrastructure and the borrowing of up to $2,560,000 are expected to be accommodated within the current parcel tax charged to property owners.

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