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January 5, 2010

Hitchhike hand signals: a guide for drivers

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Gulf Islands Driftwood newspaper reporter Amy Geddes answers questions about anything related to life on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.  Here’s one of the latest:

Q. Because I live off a road fairly close to town, I’ve always wondered, what is the proper signal to give to the hitchhikers waiting by Embe Bakery, to let them know I am only travelling a short distance (and not going to Fulford)? Usually I gesture with my thumb and first finger, indicating a small amount, hoping they’ll understand I’m not ignoring them . . . but is this understood by most? – Meghan Howcroft, Salt Spring Island

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I have noticed on Pender, some people prefer good old-fashioned hitchhiking, instead of waiting at Car Stops – Jocko.

January 1, 2010

Cellphone driving regulations changed…

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One thing that distinguishes Gulf Islands residents from their city counterparts is the lack of reliance on mobile communications devices.

In many areas, a lack of solid reception makes cellphone communication either unreliable or frustrating, so we’re less likely to pull out the cell when it really isn’t necessary.

But even if most islanders’ ears and thumbs aren’t in constant contact with their hand-held phones as they talk or text, many people have become accustomed to holding a phone in one hand and a steering wheel in another.

Changes to the province’s Motor Vehicle Act will result in a ban on that activity beginning Friday, Jan. 1.

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