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January 5, 2010

Hitchhike hand signals: a guide for drivers

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Gulf Islands Driftwood newspaper reporter Amy Geddes answers questions about anything related to life on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.  Here’s one of the latest:

Q. Because I live off a road fairly close to town, I’ve always wondered, what is the proper signal to give to the hitchhikers waiting by Embe Bakery, to let them know I am only travelling a short distance (and not going to Fulford)? Usually I gesture with my thumb and first finger, indicating a small amount, hoping they’ll understand I’m not ignoring them . . . but is this understood by most? – Meghan Howcroft, Salt Spring Island

For the answer, go to

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I have noticed on Pender, some people prefer good old-fashioned hitchhiking, instead of waiting at Car Stops – Jocko.

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