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February 10, 2010

Islands Trust Proposes Tax Hike

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To all you loyal and esteemed PenderBlog readers, I have just returned from a three week vacation and back in the saddle at PenderBlog.  Thank you all for your interesting suggestions and submissions over the past three years of PenderBlog’s existence.  It has been fun, let it continue!  Jocko, moderator, PenderBlog

From Mike Aston:

Dear Friends, Fellow Penderites et al,

Opposition to Islands Trust 2010 Proposed Tax Hike…

I hate politics, so apologies for this political message.  However, I feel strongly about this, so contacting you seems like a good place to start… (since you are all likely directly affected).  It all adds up to more taxes = less money in community pockets = Less money for local economy = more pressure on our communities = less feel-good factor.  Need I say more….?

The Islands Trust is proposing a 4.9% Tax Increase for 2010.  Public input is required by noon on 19 February 2010. (for final decision in March).  The Islands Trust taxes are already between 10% and 20% of our annual property tax bills, depending on which island you live on.

Many lslanders are already struggling to get by on their fixed or reducing incomes.  Meanwhile the bureaucrats always seem able to spend more, even going into deficit, if necessary, on the taxpayer’s account.  This is a global phenomenon, and history proves it to be folly.  (If you need proof, look at Japan, which is still languishing in recession and debt after 2 decades of government “stimulus” packages and tax increases.)

So, if you like the idea of a 4.9% tax hike (and that’s just from this particular level of government) then DO NOTHING !

If however, like me and many others, you think a tax increase is unjustified, or that the Islands Trust should become more efficient and do MORE FOR LESS, not take on extra staff, then please send your opinions to as soon as possible.

You could also email your local trustees…
(North Pender Island Trustees Gary Steeves <> and Derek Masselink
(South Pender Island Trustees David Greer and Wendy Scholefield
(For a full list of trustees for various islands see: )

When, over time, an increasing portion of our money is being handed over to government, it will be very, very difficult to turn back.  Government austerity measures must kick in somewhere and soon for everybody’s sake.


Please share this, share the responsibility, share the pride that you are able to say No!  Enough is enough!

Cheers,  Mike

P.S.  You could tell these guys too…;;; ;;;     Somewhere, I got the impression they are paid to listen to us… although they may perhaps be  suffering from a dose of the porogues right now…

Mike Aston

“If, in my lifetime, I can help eliminate just one small piece of wanton bureacracy, then my life will have been worthwhile.”

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