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November 13, 2010

Dogs running at large

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In case you didn’t get the mailout, here it is.

In the past few weeks 5 ewes on a Pender farm were mutilated and killed, one is missing and presumed dead, and three were badly injured and are currently being treated.  The culprit(s) is someone who is allowing his/her dog(s) to run at large in the late evening.  Not only is this a horrible situation for the livestock, it impacts the farmer’s right to security and income.

Here is the law:

BC Livestock Act, RSBC Chapter 270, Section 11.1-2-a,b  Dogs causing injury or damage

11.1 (1) For the purposes of this section, “running at large” does not apply to a dog that is under control by being

(a) on the property of its owner or of another person who has the care and control of the dog.

(b) in the direct and continuous charge of a person who is competent to control it,

(c) securely confined within an enclosure, or

(d) securely fastened so that it is unable to roam.

(2) A person may kill a dog if the person finds the dog

     (a) running at large, and

     (b) attacking or viciously pursuing livestock.

Here are the facts:

1)  There are NO good dogs when the situation involves a dog at large and livestock or wildlife.  The predatory hunt and kill instinct is a natural part of EVERY dog’s psychological make-up, no matter how well trained the dog is.

2)  A farmer may kill a dog that is endangering livestock.

3)  A dog attacking a farm animal is a cruel and painful death for the animal.

4)  It is everyone’s responsibility to immediately report a dog running at large.

CRD Animal Control:  250-629-3398 or 1-250-537-9414

We live in a rural area that is peaceful and beautiful.  Most dog owners are responsible.  Help keep Pender Island Farms safe.  KEEP ALL DOGS UNDER CONTROL.  Thank you from Pender Farms:  Grimmers, Fir Hill, McMullen/McBain/Southey, Whalewych; Hamson, Waitara; McMahon, Inish Eile; and other island farms.  Sponsored by PAWS and The Farmers Institute.


  1. Sorry if you got an email notification about this post twice. There was a glitch in the host server.

    Comment by Jocko — November 13, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Great post — Jocko — lay down the law! I hope they figure out whose dog it is soon…this has been going on far too long! theresa

    Comment by Island Vittles — November 14, 2010 @ 9:31 am

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