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January 7, 2011

Deer population management forum

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From the Islands Trust:

Deer Control

The Regional Conservation Plan identifies black-tailed deer as one of the most significant threats to biodiversity on the islands. Deer populations on South Pender (as on every other southern Gulf Island) are out of control. In addition to creating a significant traffic hazard, deer populations that thrive in the absence of natural predators threaten the survival of other native species that are ecologically important even if they lack the apparent virtue of being cute and cuddly. The Islands Trust is a partner in the UN International Year of Biodiversity (South Pender Trustee Greer submitted the partnership application on behalf of the Trust), and one of the most important steps in conserving biodiversity on our islands is to find a way to keep deer populations in check. A forum on options for deer control will be held at the Mayne Island Agricultural Hall on January 14 from 1 to 4 pm. For further information, please contact Dave Maude by email at (end)


Pender Island residents who are concerned about the over abundance of black-tailed deer on the Pender Islands may wish to attend this forum.

For more information about proposed deer culling on Vancouver Island go here:  Heather Reid: Stories from an Island – A question of culling

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