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February 12, 2011

Muses on proposed riperian and aquatic development permit areas

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From the Blog “Salt Spring Folly”


Magic Lake

A Riperian Areas Regulation (RAR) draft bylaw (view here: rar-draft-bylaw.pdf – map.pdf ) is in the works on North Pender. [Public hearing on Bylaw 184 on the 26th at noon. Anglican church hall. Mice or menMayne time.]

The idea for a an RAR draft bylaw on North Pender goes back to 2006 but maps were poor and the work was delayed. Trust Council’s strategic agenda includes RAR adoption in every OCP as a primary goal. The North Pender LTC, obedient servants, designated RAR a top priority and work began in late 2009. Staff were directed. A consultant was hired.

North Pender is almost all private land. One cannot wander willy nilly across property. That would be criminal trespass. The consultant would need to ask permission to cross private property while tracing watercourses. An easy way out was needed.

For the full account, go here:  The smell of fish on North Pender

February 6, 2011

You’ve got to come and see this!

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 From Bob Vergette:

Press Release:  Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit 20 Joint Exercise




Unit 20 SAR Vessel

On February 21 starting at 10:00 the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit 20 based on Pender Island will be holding a joint training exercise at Hope Bay.  Featured at the exercise will be the Canadian Coast Guard Hovercraft Penac.  The Penac and her sister ship the Siyay are stationed at a base in Richmond near the Vancouver Airport and conduct search and rescue operations throughout the southern Georgia Straits.  These 25 meter long hovercraft are unique in that they float over the water on a cushion of air.  The 3600 horsepower engines powering variable pitch propellers enable a maximum speed of 45 kts.  Also attending the exercise will be Auxiliary Unit 25 based on Saltspring Island.

Pender residents are invited to come out to Hope Bay and see Unit 20 putting their 400 hp Titan 249 XL response vessel through all manner of maneuvers with the Penac.  “Bring your camera – this is some thing you will not see too often!” say’s Dave Hargreaves, one of the four coxswain’s of the Pender Unit 20 and organizer of this joint training event.

After the exercise visitors are welcome to tour all the vessels at the dock and learn more about their rescue missions and capability.

The Pender Island based Auxiliary Unit 20 is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to provide marine search and rescue service and to promote public boating safety.  The Unit also supports land based search and rescue activities with shoreline search and transport.  In the last two years the Unit has been called out for over 40 search and rescue missions.

The Hope Bay Cafe will be open that Monday so everybody can watch this special occasion from a warm window seat. Come and have a breakfast or lunch while watching the highly trained Coast Guard and Auxiliaries put their vessels’ through their paces.

For more information contact Unit 20 Leader Elizabeth Wilkes at 629 3021.

February 4, 2011

BC ferry fares could skyrocket

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From CBC News:

Ferry fares may be heading for a big increase unless the provincial government provides BC Ferries with a bigger subsidy.

Over the next four years, fare increases on major routes will go up 20 per cent and double on smaller routes, according to a plan submitted by the ferry corporation.

In an interview on Shaw TV on Thursday, BC Ferries CEO David Hahn said the projected rise in rates is “substantial” unless service is cut or the government provides a larger subsidy.

Read more: Fares could skyrocket

Transportation Minister responds

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