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February 12, 2011

Muses on proposed riperian and aquatic development permit areas

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From the Blog “Salt Spring Folly”


Magic Lake

A Riperian Areas Regulation (RAR) draft bylaw (view here: rar-draft-bylaw.pdf – map.pdf ) is in the works on North Pender. [Public hearing on Bylaw 184 on the 26th at noon. Anglican church hall. Mice or menMayne time.]

The idea for a an RAR draft bylaw on North Pender goes back to 2006 but maps were poor and the work was delayed. Trust Council’s strategic agenda includes RAR adoption in every OCP as a primary goal. The North Pender LTC, obedient servants, designated RAR a top priority and work began in late 2009. Staff were directed. A consultant was hired.

North Pender is almost all private land. One cannot wander willy nilly across property. That would be criminal trespass. The consultant would need to ask permission to cross private property while tracing watercourses. An easy way out was needed.

For the full account, go here:  The smell of fish on North Pender

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  1. Apropos to some of the feedback regarding this proposal, the iPetition entitled “Review the 35 year old Islands Trust Act” is still active with over 900 signatures. The objective of the petition is to:

    (a) modernize and streamline the Act

    (b) balance the preservation and protection of our vibrant, diverse rural communities, with the security of our natural environment, and

    (c) establish locally accountable and responsible governance structures.

    This petition can be signed here:

    Comment by Jocko — February 12, 2011 @ 2:33 pm

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