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September 17, 2008

Media Watch

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I was browsing through the House Dressing Company in Sidney the other day and happened to pick up the complementary magazine Boulevard, Sept/Oct edition .  This magazine is about the arts, people, food and homes and is well worth a read.

A couple of items caught my eye – an article about the sculptures to be found in Salt Spring Island’s green spaces on p.88 (hey, now there’s an idea for Pender) and something writer Sylvia Weinstock picked up on on page 100 – Thought for Food: Low Carbon Diet Calculator.

Apparently the Christmas issue will be a big one, so watch for it in the weeks to come!

June 27, 2008

Cute, but not so cute…

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Originally posted Dec. 10, 2007 and here updated.

Paranoia of the day!

There has recently been an explosion in the numbers of rabbits in the Okanagan (see Bunny Explosion) for the full story. Having the rapid spread of the Eastern Grey Squirrel on Vancouver Island, one realizes how vulnerable Pender Island is to introduced, invasive plants and animals. If you have a bunny, all precautions should be taken to ensure your lovable pet doesn’t make a breakout and end up causing even more native plants to disappear by their voracious feeding. And think what might happen to your favourite veggie and flower garden! Racoons have been spotted running around the island, so let’s hope they don’t become the kind of problem they are in some urban areas by raiding garbage cans and invading attics and crawlspaces to find harbourage and a place to reproduce.

June 2008 Update: Oh no, rabbits have been reported running loose on Gowlland Point Road. Apparently somebody has somehow let their pets free. Now residents of the area are scrambling to find ways of trapping and relocating the animals, which have an amazing reproductive capacity. If the release cannot be contained, the rabbits will become increasingly feral and no doubt make their way northward. These adorable looking creatures can wreck havoc on native vegetation and crops, and by their tunneling, damage foundations and facilitate the entry of other pests such as rats and mice. Raccoons have reportedly cornered and killed a domestic peacock on the island and they are now another pest to contend with.

June 8, 2008

Way to go!

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With the relentless ratcheting higher of gas and oil prices, one has to think of alternatives. If you haven’t seen the movie “Who Killed The Electric Car”, I recommend it. In the meantime, there are an encouraging number of new, smart and exciting electric vehicles, either available in other countries, or soon to be manufactured or marketed in Canada.

Check out the website to check out what’s happening and to sign the petition to bring more “friendly travel” options to Pender. It’s good to feel optimistic about our future for a change!

April 18, 2008

Photo of the week…

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No Trespassing… I’d turn back if I were you!

photo: Jocko

April 12, 2008

Ilanaaq on Pender!

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PenderBlog exclusive! Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games emblem just spotted on Pender. Check it out at the corner of Bedwell Harbour Rd. and Otter Bay Rd. across from the Community Hall. Nicely done. Hopefully it will be a long-time legacy for the island. For more info: Ilanaaq

April 8, 2008

Doggie bags

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And a receptacle are now available on the Buck Lake causeway. No more excuses for leaving it behind!

February 13, 2008

Queen of the… not!

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News today… the new fleet of ferries plying our coastal waters will NOT display a portrait of The Queen. For more information view: The Queen

Some of us remember singing “God Save The Queen” at the beginning of our school day (I’m dating myself!).

It is somehow comforting to look up from my “breakfast special” and gaze upon Her Beneficence while I swig down the last of my coffee and make my way groggly back to the fore-lounge.

What is going to be lost in all of this is what sets Canada apart from the rebel colonists to our south and what it was all about in the formation of our country. Sure we are now a diverse society, but her portrait is nonetheless a gentle reminder of the beginnings of who and what we are today.

Oh Canada!

By the way, She is still our Head of State through her representative the Governor General.

January 31, 2008

Pet peeve…

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I have recently noticed what I hope isn’t a trend. Most dog owners are very considerate when walking their furry friends by using a leash in public spaces and by being prepared for the inevitable deposition of doo by having a plastic bag on hand. No problem, pick it up and take it home and dispose of it probably in your household garbage. But what I have seen recently are dog doo bags dutifully filled and tied, and then left at the side of the road, path, etc. for someone else to pick up and dispose. What’s with that??

If one intended to leave the bagged doo on the ground, it would probably be better to leave the deposit unbagged or au natural to allow weathering to work wonders at returning it back to mother earth. How long does it take to decompose a plastic bag with said contents. One hundred years?

Since I’m on the subject, I have heard that plastic bags of doo are becoming a significant part of waste generated, and are not easily biodegraded. Maybe there are biodegradable doo bags out there that are even grass green so that ones that are ‘inadvertently forgotten’ at the side of the road will at least blend in with the landscape until dissolved. (Check out for info on biodegradable bags)

Pender has hardly any litter and I will pick up and bring home any seen on the ground, and I know a lot of other islanders do too, but I refuse to pick up someone elses bag of doggie doo!

April 8, 2008 Update:  There is now a bag dispenser and receptacle for dog waste on the Buck Lake causeway just in case you forgot a bag or need a convenient place to put it! РJ.

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