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January 21, 2008

Maybe it’s not too late?

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Everyday we receive more bad news about the deterioration of the global environment due to increasing carbon emissions – a result mainly of a petro-fueled, ever growing world population. Projections of catastrophic outcomes for the planet and the fate of human life on Earth are sobering, even if only partly true. And yet it is easy to find so many people who are either oblivious to this foreboding prediction, or simply don’t give a damn in their lifetime.

I heard today that the City of North Vancouver is voting on whether to deny any further approvals of drive-thru services that involve lines of idling vehicles polluting the air, when people could just park, turn off their engines and walk inside to get their burger. B.C. Ferries discourages idling in their terminals and prohibits it on board vessels when underway.

Perhaps laws are the only way to curtail carbon emissions. If some individuals are unwilling to change their consumptive behaviors for the common good, then, for the good of the rest of us, regulations may be necessary. It’s too bad, because I think we are regulated so much already. The rising price of oil probably won’t help as there are too many who can afford to continue their wasteful ways at great expense to everyone in the long run.

Maybe if each of us try a little harder, it may not be too late.

Find out how big your ‘ecological footprint’ is by going to:

October 31, 2007

After the fires – southern California

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Photo: Vortexman

Are any snowbirds keeping up with Pender happenings via Jocko’s fabulous blog? It’s a longshot, but if there are any besides me, why not share your snowbirding adventures, locations and tips with other expat-Penderites? I for one arrived in southern California just in time for the horrendous inferno last week. Although there were no fires all that close to where I was in San Clemente (the closest being 10 km away at Camp Pendleton), the air quality remained unhealthful for several days, even at the beach. Things are back to normal now, and if there are any RV’ers who want recommendations on where to go, including fabulous State Park sites right on the beach in southern California, I can advise. Just leave ‘comments’ to this post to communicate.

October 22, 2007

Time for a change on the roads?

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Submitted by Barry Mathias

The Pender Islands have experienced a large population increase over the past few years with a coinciding increase in road traffic. With all means of getting around out there, be it walking or jogging shoes, bicycles, scooters, cars, pick up trucks, large trucks, heavy equipment trailers and commercial vehicles, there is a growing need to rethink the way we use our roads. Factor in the predicted ongoing increase in the price of gas and diesel fuel, most of us will be trying to reduce the use of our vehicles. There will be more walkers, cyclists, and scooters on the road adding to the potential for accidents.

A move in the right direction would be towards some kind of community transportation, but with our current population, buses would probably be uneconomical. We could, however, try out “Car Stops”.

Car Stops are clearly identifiable places throughout an island, where people can wait, if they wish, to get a lift. The stops would have a Car Stop sign, and a legal disclaimer that would indemnify drivers. The result would be a reduction in single occupancy vehicles, an easing of parking problems at shopping centers, the ferry terminal and halls, safer roads and a possible increase in community spirit. We can do this without huge expenditure. We can do it if we have the will.

October 8, 2007

A life worth living…

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I am wondering: “When our lives inevitably draw to a close, how would each of us sum up our time of being “Me”. Various measures could be applied, but ultimately, the best scale is the one that we apply to others who have come before us. Lets simplify the “life test” by having a positives and negatives column under which we can all give ourselves star ratings. To get the bad stuff out of the way, here are some not so great behaviours.

judgemental; self-centered; ethnocentric; short-fused; covetous; snobbish; (fill in the blanks)

On the plus side, we may have our survivors comment on how (this) we were:

generous with our time and things; spiritual; eccentric; irreverant; humourous; wicked (in a ha-ha sort of way); kind to animals; open; loyal; colourful; impulsive; provocative and (fill in the blanks).

The message is actually not really that complicated, but in our cluttered lives, the signal is subject to considerable interference. I hope all of us will deserve a positive remembrance.

June 5, 2007

Gas prices too high?

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Some complain that oil companies are making windfall profits with high gas prices, which may have some merit, and don’t forget that gas tax. But what would lower prices actually mean? Lower fuel prices would likely encourage greater consumption. Is this what we want? Doesn’t this fly in the face of the “green movement” objectives, which I suspect is for some, nothing but political window dressing. How many of us are willing to put our actions, ie. fuel conservation, where our political correctness lies. We probably don’t really want to know how high oil prices could rise if, and inevitably when, supplies dwindle. CBC news recently reported that despite higher gas prices, car and light truck sales have soared. Apparently the buyers of new vehicles feel they can afford gas at current prices. Others may argue that supply is plentiful and that consumption rates can remain the same or even increase while prices go down. In this scenario, what about the increased CO2 emissions and associated climate change? Remember that? Sooner or later, something has got to give! What’s your take?

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