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February 26, 2010

Spring farm and garden notes

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The Pender Islands Farmers’ Institute presents Pender Islands’ first “Seedy Saturday” to be held on March 6, 2010 from 10 am until 2 pm at the Pender Island Community Hall.

Featured will be a seed swap, plant sale, seed sale, garden books, Master Gardeners, and local food.

What is a Seedy Saturday?

A Seedy Saturday is a time to exchange or buy food and plant seeds, purchase plants that will grow in our area, and to get ideas from experts in all aspects of gardening.

The Seed Swap is where you can share your saved seeds with other local gardeners or buy seeds they have saved locally.  Bring your own saved seeds to donate or trade at the “Seed Exchange“.  Seeds should be cleaned, packaged in clear bags or small envelopes and labelled with the variety and year saved.  Heritage and/or organic varieties preferred.  Exchange seeds including: heirlooms, runner plants, tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, etc…  all clearly labelled.

Vendors can call to book a table to sell plants and seeds.  If you have anything that you think might fit the event call Mathilde at 250 629 3829 or Barbara 250 629 3320

Products preferred to be organic, island produced, non GMO and just plain good.

Apropos to Seedy Saturday, the Pender Island Garden Club is excited to be sponsoring the fantastically successful organic vegetable-growing workshops entitled:


which Carol McIntyre introduced to Vancouver Island throughout 2009.  An introduction to the workshops will be held on Thursday March 11th, 2010 at 1:00 pm in the Anglican Parish Hall, North Pender, and all members of the community are warmly invited to attend ($2 donation appreciated).

The first workshop will be held in the same place on Friday 12th March, 9 am – noon, $50 per person.

For more information and pre-registration (space will be limited for the workshops) – Visit:

Email:;  Phone: Carol McIntyre at 250 334-2701 or email Patricia Callendar of the Pender Island Garden Club at

Another gardening note:  The Pender Organic Community Garden Society (POCGS) will meet Sunday March 7, 2010 at 2:00 pm in the Hall lounge.  If you are interested in gardening at the community garden at the Ross Smith farm in 2010 please come out to the meeting.

Just in case, someone can benefit from this:

2011 Nuffield Farming Scholarship Applications Open

(Innisfail, AB – March 3, 2010)  The Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust is accepting applications for their 2011 program. Applications are due by April 30, 2010 and forms can be downloaded from the Nuffield Canada website at

Nuffield Farming Scholarships are awarded to enthusiastic individuals, between the ages of 25 and 45, who wish to explore topics of their choice in agriculture, land management, horticulture or the food chain. Three scholarships of $15,000 each are available for 2011.

The scholarships are awarded to men and women who are judged to have the greatest potential to create value for themselves, their industries and their communities through the doors which will be opened and the opportunities provided for life-long learning and improvement. The scholarships are awarded on the strength of the applicants’ vision, enthusiasm and determination to pursue their farming goals.

And don’t forget to check out the activities of the Pender Island Community Farmland Acquisition Project.

April 1, 2009

Ahhh… Spring!

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Spring Flower Show

“Celebrating Spring on Pender”

Come and exhibit your best flowers at our annual spring show


A list of categories is available in the community box at the realty office.

Look for the ‘Flower Show’ folder.

There are judged and non judged categories.

Choose your best flowers to enter and get creative with your arrangements.

No fee for entering!

Saturday April 18th, 2009 2-4 pm

St. Peter’s Anglican Church Hall

*** Entries accepted from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on the day ***

February 7, 2009

Brian Minter to visit Pender!

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invites the community to a special presentation entitled


by B.C.’s horticultural expert, owner of the famous Minter Gardens just east of Chilliwack, and for years, everybody’s favourite CBC answer man for gardening related phone-in questions


Anglican Parish Hall

Thursday February 12th, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Tickets are $15. per person, sold at the door as space permits, so come early!

(Garden Club members free)

October 4, 2008

Giant Plant Sale…

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The Pender Island Garden Club Presents:


Thursday the 9th of October, starting at 12:30 pm at the Anglican Church Hall.

Everyone is welcome!

“Bring and Buy” plants, seeds, produce, cut flowers, and organic garlic.

June 27, 2008

Cute, but not so cute…

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Originally posted Dec. 10, 2007 and here updated.

Paranoia of the day!

There has recently been an explosion in the numbers of rabbits in the Okanagan (see Bunny Explosion) for the full story. Having the rapid spread of the Eastern Grey Squirrel on Vancouver Island, one realizes how vulnerable Pender Island is to introduced, invasive plants and animals. If you have a bunny, all precautions should be taken to ensure your lovable pet doesn’t make a breakout and end up causing even more native plants to disappear by their voracious feeding. And think what might happen to your favourite veggie and flower garden! Racoons have been spotted running around the island, so let’s hope they don’t become the kind of problem they are in some urban areas by raiding garbage cans and invading attics and crawlspaces to find harbourage and a place to reproduce.

June 2008 Update: Oh no, rabbits have been reported running loose on Gowlland Point Road. Apparently somebody has somehow let their pets free. Now residents of the area are scrambling to find ways of trapping and relocating the animals, which have an amazing reproductive capacity. If the release cannot be contained, the rabbits will become increasingly feral and no doubt make their way northward. These adorable looking creatures can wreck havoc on native vegetation and crops, and by their tunneling, damage foundations and facilitate the entry of other pests such as rats and mice. Raccoons have reportedly cornered and killed a domestic peacock on the island and they are now another pest to contend with.

March 26, 2008

A sure sign of spring!

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Pender Island Garden Club’s annual Spring Flower Show

“Celebrating Spring on Pender”

will take place on Saturday April 12th, 2008 from 2-4 pm at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Hall.

Come and exhibit your best flowers… anyone on Pender can enter! Pick up a list of categories in the community box at the realty office. Look for the ‘Flower Show’ folder. Exhibiting standards can be found in the library.

There are judged and non-judged categories. Choose your best flowers to enter and get creative with your arrangements – no fee for entering! Entries will only be accepted from 8:30am until 10:30am on the day of the show.

February 6, 2008

Growing and Eating Locally

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The Pender Islands Farmers’ Institute is holding their General Meeting to promote “…the philosophy and practicality of growing and processing food to supply a local market.” Guest speakers will be Shanti McDougall and Brian Crumblehulme.

Shanti lives and farms on Mayne Island. Deacon Vale Farm has been certified organic since 1996 and produces beef, chicken, hay, vegetables, fruit, and has a line of bottled products including chutneys, jams and tomato sauce. Shanti will be speaking on the practicality of growing and processing food to supply a local market.

Brian is the former owner of Fernhill Herb Farm on Mayne Island, a commercial herb growing operation, and for 18 years the owner/chef of Fernhill Lodge. He has owned several garden businesses, has taught food studies and cooking, and has written extensively about food. Currently, he is a director of the Mayne Island Cool Community and organizer of several 100 Mile Banquet Dinners. He will speak about the benefits of growing and supporting local produce.

Everyone Welcome!

When: Wednesday February 27, 2008, 7:00pm

Where: Pender Island Community Hall

December 22, 2007

Hummingbird spotting…

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Today I saw 3, and maybe there were more, Anna’s Hummingbirds feeding on winter blooming evergreen shrubs in my front yard.  The male has a bright rose coloured head and throat, the female an emerald irridecent back and spotting on the throat.   Apparently this species resides from northern Mexico and Arizona as far north as southern Oregon year round without migration but can shift their range to local areas with more food when necessary.  Has climate change allowed this southerly species to move north?

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