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November 21, 2007

Island economy threatened?

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The new proposed war on drugs legislation from the Harper Conservative government would bring a minimum 6 month jail sentence for growing a single cannabis plant. Refer to the article in the Vancouver Province newspaper for details: Ottawa cracks down. Is the holding tank on Pender big enough to accommodate the potential landslide of newly designated island “offenders”. Let your MP Gary Lunn know what you think about the proposed legislation at:

October 14, 2007

Book review no. 1

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This new book is specifically for West Coast gardeners and is an indispensable tool for dealing with all the common pests found in coastal gardens. The excellent photos, drawings and descriptions make it easy to accurately identify pest problems and what to do about them. The emphasis of the book is on prevention through good growing practices and pesticide free solutions to problems that do occur. – Susan Tice, Russell Nursery, 1370 Wain Rd., N. Saanich. To order the book go here: West Coast Gardening

May 7, 2007

Broom wars

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Is it just me or does it appear that the battle against broom is making some headway. I know there are people who are working hard to control this aggressive invader. My neighbour says cutting it off at the ground can be pretty effective in killing it and a lot easier than trying to dig it out of rocky ground. It’s just about finished blooming now (mid June), and therefore better hurry to cut or pull before seeds are set and disseminated. Composting is better than burning the harvested plants.

Eucalyptus damage

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This past winter was a doozy as well all know, and most of the eucalyptus trees on the island were killed down to the ground. As they are zone 8 to 10, at zone 8.? we are pushing it a bit trying to grow them here. Many trees are now coming back from the roots and will survive in a bushier form until the next big freeze! What’s interesting though, is that some trees on the island did survive completely (due to microclimate or species or both?). If you are one of the lucky ones, share with us your species name. I had Eucalyptus fraxinoides, johnstonii and Sydney Blue (Australia) and all died to the ground. I think the Sydney Blue is completely dead. The johnstonii seemed to be the hardiest. It was a beautiful tree complete with gum nuts last summer! There are some beautiful full sized eucalyptus trees south of Sidney, BC if you take the secondary water route (Lochside Drive) to Mount Newton Cross Road. Travelling south, look to your left or waterside along the last stretch before reaching Mount Newton. By the way, these plants are not invasive here as the climate is too marginal. However, if you live in southern California and into Mexico, that is another story.

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