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March 2, 2012

Ferry Tales

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I received this message this morning from Phillip Vannini, author of the newly published book “Ferry Tales“.  I was contacted by Phillip back in February of 2008 to provide any information I may have had towards his writing project.  The book has now been published and is available online.

Greetings from Gabriola Island!

I hope this message finds you well. As you may remember, quite some time ago you were so kind to share with me your experiences, stories, and perspective on ferries and life on the coast.  I thought I should let you know that the research has just been published. The book is published by Routledge and can be found at their website here: or through any major online retailer like  I hope to have the book in local bookstores too, but that always takes quite a while.

In writing the book I’ve made sure I spoke to both a local audience as well as an academic one, so I hope it will be pleasant to read. You can also check out the book’s accompanying website at, which features excerpts from the book, photos, maps, and audio documentaries.

The book sells for about $30. Because so many people up and down the coast donated their time to me to make this project happen, I thought I’d donate my time too. 100% of my royalties will go to two non-for-profit groups here on Gabriola that help out with children’s programs and people in need.

Thank you again for helping me capture a glimpse of life in your community.

Phillip Vannini
Professor and Canada Research Chair
School of Communication & Culture
Royal Roads University

February 22, 2012

Save Canada’s Lighthouses

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A note from Pat Carney:

I would appreciate it if  those of you who are interesting in saving our B.C. lighthouses would sign the petition below to send to the federal government.  Heritage Canada Foundation, Canada’s largest  heritage NGO has worked with me for 12 years to save our marine heritage, Please note no money pledges are involved!  Our East Point Fog Alarm Building [on Saturna Island] has been petitioned!  Take care, Pat Carney


Heritage Canada Foundation /
La fondation Héritage Canada


Canada’s lighthouses are at risk!

Sign the petition to help save Canada’s historic lighthouses
Ottawa, ON, February 7, 2012 —  The Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) is urging Canadians to sign the petition to help save Canada’s historic lighthouses.

The Government of Canada owns hundreds of iconic lighthouses.  Earlier this year, it declared more than 500 of them—including many of the most historic ones—as “surplus.” That means many of these important local landmarks and historic icons are at risk. Already neglected, starved for essential maintenance and care, and often located on remote, weather-ravaged sites, Canada’s historic maritime symbols face an uncertain future.

Local groups want to help. But, they are under pressure to find the money and the means to save these iconic structures. HCF is launching a campaign to get the word out, including an information website, and an online petition encouraging the Federal Government to invest in the efforts of local groups and communities to save their lighthouses.

You can help: Sign the petition to help protect Canada’s historic lighthouses. Then, share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for taking action to save Canada’s lighthouses.

For further information contact:
Carolyn Quinn, Director of Communications,
Telephone: 613-237-1066 ext. 229; Cell: 613-797-7206

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April 9, 2010

If you can make it…

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Another development in the electric vehicle story:

“GM’s electric Volt works in real-world tests” (From CBC News)  For the story, go here:

 GM’s Volt works

From Jon Healey

Transition Salt Spring presents:

A Transportation Action Forum
All Saints, Saturday April 10, 1 – 4 p.m.


If you are interested in the possibility of converting an existing vehicle or are wondering how we might build local infrastructure and gain government support for electric vehicles please plan to attend the forum.

This is a practical, hands on kind of event that we expect to result in some action. We have resource persons to assist discussion and electric vehicles to demonstrate. The forum takes place Saturday, April 10, from 1 – 4 p.m. at All Saints Anglican Church Hall on Salt Spring Island.

(Maybe we could plan something similar on Pender this summer – Jocko.)

March 12, 2010

Island neighbours sharing…

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Ideas from our friends on Galiano Island:

Hello everyone!

Wanted to remind everyone that the first Community Kitchen Group meets this Monday the 8th at 7pm at the south hall.  Please join us if you are interested in gaining confidence in the kitchen, trying new things, cooking as a group and having food to take home to keep in your fridge/freezer.  On Monday we will be introducing the idea, choosing recipes for the future and making some quick and easy snacks.  There is no cost for this first visit, and in the future the community kitchen cook-offs will require a contribution of no more than $10.

Also,  Nettlefest 2010 is around the corner!  It will be taking place on Saturday March 20th.  This is our first call out for kitchen volunteers.  If you can help or are interested in learning about how to cook with nettles we would love to have you!

If you have nettle related products,  then we would like to extend an invitation for you to have a table at this year’s Nettlefest.  Please contact us by email or phone.

Cheers and enjoy the sun!

Galiano Food Program Intern

Martine Paulin
Janice Oakley
Galiano Food Program Coordinators

250-539-2175 option 2 (Food program)

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