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August 18, 2009

Eco Home Tour scheduled

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From Colin Hamilton of Thuja Wood Art:


Photo collage courtesy of Macleod Timber Framing, Pender Island BC

Announcing our up coming Eco Home Tour here on Pender Island:

Pender Island Eco Home Tour
A fundraiser for the Pender Island Community Hall,
presented by The Eco Homes Network
Sunday, September 6, 2009, 10am to 4pm
$15 advance tickets, 18 years and under – free

Tour eco-homes and natural buildings made with local, non-toxic, reused or renewable materials.

Tickets available at Southridge Store, Talisman Books & Gallery, Medicine Beach Market and the Saturday Farmers Market at the Community Hall.

Visit for more info on all of the homes on the tour, or contact:

Eco Homes Network
Pender Island, BC
250.629.3302 |

August 4, 2009

Waste not, want not…?

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Some of the “Not Far From The Tree” volunteers in Toronto.

An industrious, creative and environmentally aware group of people in Toronto are running a program called Not Far From The Tree…  volunteers who offer to pick fruit which might otherwise go to waste, or when fallen, attract rodents.  Could this be an idea we could adapt and start up on the Penders?

From their website:

“The core of our programming is our residential fruit-picking program, where we pick fruit from trees that would otherwise go to waste. We help fruit tree owners make use of the abundance of fruit that their trees offer by dispatching teams of volunteers to harvest it for them. One third goes to the fruit tree owners, another third goes to the volunteers for their labour, and the final third is distributed (by bicycle or cart) to community organizations in the neighbourhood who can make good use of the fresh fruit.”

For more information about their program go to:

July 24, 2009

Art Posters Now Available

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 From the Islands Trust:


One for all, all for one… by Debbie Bowles, Mayne Island

Art Posters Now Available from the Islands Trust

VICTORIA ⎯ Art posters with conservation message for visitors to the Islands Trust Area are now available free of charge to businesses and locations frequented by visitors.

Work by three artists was selected earlier this year in an art competition sponsored by the Islands Trust.  Dawn Stofer of Denman Island, Debbie Bowles of Mayne Island and Darlene Olesko of Lasqueti Island had their work selected for the posters by a judging panel.  Thirty works of art were submitted by 20 artists from seven islands in the Islands Trust Area.

Three unique posters are available in two sizes:  8.5 X 11” and 11 X 17”.  The Islands Trust received a grant from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities to undertake this project.

Islands Trust Visitor Information Posters Distribution Location for North and South Pender Island at the Islands Trust Office located at the Driftwood Centre.

June 8, 2009

Media Watch

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Oceans of Challenges

On World Oceans Day, a daunting agenda.

How BC’s enviro groups are working to save sea life.

By Colleen Kimmett
Published: June 8, 2009

Last week 70 international academies of science predicted dire consequences for global food production and “dramatic changes in the makeup of ocean biodiversity” unless carbon dioxide emissions — the cause of ocean acidification — are cut in half within the next four decades.

But acidification is just one of the problems plaguing the world’s oceans. Melting glaciers. Overfishing. Pollution. A fast-growing gyre of plastic debris twice the size of Texas.

And here in British Columbia, we’ve got our own troubles. In honour of World Oceans Day today, June 8, The Tyee asked several environmental groups to highlight the threats to our coastal ecosystems, and what they are doing to address them.

For the full story visit:  The Tyee for “Oceans of Challenges

June 7, 2009

Pedal for the planet…

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Dust off your bike, get your brakes working, stretch your muscles and come out for a ride on Sunday, June 28th (not July 1st as written in the Pender Post)!

We’re cycling for two reasons;  to raise awareness about climate change and to encourage people to cycle and use other modes of sustainable transportation on Pender.  There will be two meeting points; the front of Magic Lake and at Hope Bay, both will arrive at the Driftwood centre.  It is best if we meet at 11:00,  give ourselves half an hour to get organized, and hit the pavement at 11:30!  Estimated arrival time at the Driftwood will be 12:00.

At the Driftwood, we will walk our bikes around the centre, gather on the grass and be given a short talk on climate change, climate action and sustainable transportation on Pender Island.  Everyone is welcome to join;  children and families are especially encouraged to participate.  If you can’t come by bicycle, please try to arrive by foot, car-stop or carpool!  See you out there!

If you would like to participate or need further information please email or call Nadia Nowak. E-mail:  Phone: 250-886-9669.

June 4, 2009

More car stops!

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From Moving Around Pender (MAP) Alternative Transportation Society:

Following the success of the pilot scheme, the Ministry of Transportation and Highways has agreed to a further 13 Car Stops, making a total of 29 between North and South Pender Islands.

The new stops will be in position at the end of June, and will enable more people to make use of them.  The new locations include Hope Bay, Harbour Hills, Poets’ Cove, Medicine Beach Market, and near Otter Bay Marina.  There will also be a number of new sites around Magic Lake, and on Port Washington Road.

MAP has received many helpful and enthusiastic comments on the first 16 Car Stops, and as a result, five of the original stops are to be moved, in most cases just a matter of a few yards.  The most important one is the stop situated at the mail boxes on Buccaneers and Schooner.  This stop will be moved around the corner to a place near the mail boxes by the Ball Park.  It will mean that everyone leaving Magic Lake will pass this spot.

The Car Stops program is being adopted by a number of the Southern Gulf Islands, and much of its success lies in the fact that it is entirely voluntary on both sides: you can either give a lift, take a lift or not as you see fit.

We hope you will occasionally leave your car at home and use this system of transportation which is ideal for small communities.  Fewer cars on the road equal safer roads, fewer parking problems at commercial centers, and an increase in community spirit.

See you at a Car Stop!

May 29, 2009

Shore like to live and work…

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photo: Jocko

The Islands Trust Fund and the Pender Islands Conservancy will host a Shoreline Living Workshop on June 12th, 2009 at the Pender Islands Community Hall.  A news release regarding this free event is available for you to view in the following PDF:

Shoreline Living Workshop

March 28, 2009

The Real Dirt

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Submitted by the Pender Film Group:

This week we have a timely documentary film about one man’s fight to save his family farm in a small rural community.  Fighting everything from unfounded rumours and harassment to devastating financial ruin, farmer john maintained his dignity and eventually got the farm back running.  Then just as it all seemed like maybe it wasn’t going to work out, ‘john’ discovered the community supported agriculture (CSA farms) and became one of the first CSA farms in Illinois near Chicago where families from the city purchased shares in the farm and came out and helped grow the food that they would have delivered to the city weekly, a win win situation for all…. and I might suggest, not a bad idea to think about here on Pender Island?  Please come and enjoy this documentary and we can have a discussion afterward about farming and food, on Pender for those who are interested.

Film screening: ‘THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN’  this Saturday, March 28th, 7:30pm at the Community Hall.  Suggested admission by donation, $5.  Poster .pdf:  farmer1.pdf

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